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My next term started on Wednesday.  I am taking American Government and Legal Considerations for emergency workers.  The instructor for the American Government added an additional assignment of a research paper due on Tuesday.  She added it on Thursday.  I was not happy to see that email about it.

I have to work on Thanksgiving but it only during the day so I will be home for dinner AND I won’t have to cook anything.

The Commissary  had a a book of coupons and when you use them you get a discount of a turkey.  I think I may be able to save a good amount off our fresh turkey.

I take m truck in for a detail on Monday.  I bought a groupon for three quarters the price they usually charge.  I have had some good results with groupon.


I was sad to see that Israel has attacked Palestine in the Gaza area.  Bibi is using the conflict to help his political party in the upcoming election.  I wrote to Obama telling him I did not want my tax dollars going to support Israel for economic aid or military aid.  Of course he won’t answer me back.  I was watching CNN when a bomb from Israel exploded during an interview.


Well I have to finish an essay and then get to bed so I can get up early to take my truck in.


Total casualties as confirmed by U.S. Central Command:6610

Deaths by Conflict:
Operation Enduring Freedom :2140
Operation Iraqi Freedom :4403
Operation New Dawn :67

19 year old Army Pfc. Brandon L. Buttry

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