The Hateful, Linda Harvey and her Sick Twisted Mind

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Just returned from a small vacation for Christmas, visiting my mom and family.  It was an enjoyable week.  My wife gave me a weather station to set up on the back yard.  I have always been interested in weather and if I had the math skills I would have probably gone into the meteorological field, but my math skills barely make it past 12 x 12.

When we got home, it was like we never left.  I have been off work since last Saturday and got back last night (Thursday night) and have to work on this Saturday, only to be off again for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  If I had planned my off time better it would have been a very nice vacation.

Of course, when we go out-of-town we can only take two dogs with us, the other two and the 3 cats stay home and we have to find someone to dog sit for us, so going on any type of vacation or even a long weekend is almost impossible.

I have been on winter break from school since last Wednesday and will start-up again on January 2nd. I am going to try to finish up my 6th week assignments before I go back.  Hopefully Saturday at work will be slow and I will be able to do my assignments.


I was reading a commentary by Linda Harvey, the hate mongering founder and president of “Mission America“, who was talking about the 14th amendment on her daily radio commentary, where she   offered a rather interesting theory about why the guarantee of “equal protection of the laws” shouldn’t apply to marriage equality, and actually to gay people at all, since “people are not naturally homosexual.”  She even goes on to point out that a “gay person” doesn’t actually qualify one as a “person”.  She even believes that there are only two types of human in the world: male and female.

This is the same “person” who opposes anti-bullying laws because she believes such laws lead to indoctrination. Specifically speaking, she opposes the laws because she thinks schools will be turned into indoctrination camps that will force kids to accept homosexuality. She goes on to say “As we’ve found out time and again, so-called conservative, pro-life politicians are sometimes wrongly persuaded that homosexuality is a worthy lifestyle and cause. This amounts to promotion of these lifestyle’s to kids brought into schools in the Trojan Horse of anti-bullying programs. We already have these programs in many schools, but federal involvement adds a troubling new dimension. If these amendments pass, they do nothing to protect kids that isn’t already available at the local level. The only thing they will do is threaten local school districts with a cutoff of federal funds if the schools aren’t turned into indoctrination camps where conservative viewpoints are systematically silenced all to fulfill the fondest wishes of those who want traditional morality to disappear.

Special rights for homosexual behavior are not needed. This makes me very sad for every child in our schools who will be subjected to this deception. There is a very well-traveled path out of homosexuality that every child deserves to hear about. But no, this will become like California in every state, a bigoted mandate to force everyone to accept and approve of homosexuality”.  She then urges her listeners to contact their Congressperson and urge them to oppose any amendment that would allow gay marriage and also oppose federal anti-bullying laws.

Mission America, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, has been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.


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