Hard To Believe

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It is hard to believe that it is almost the end of January.  This has been a really depressing winter with almost no snow and a lot of warm days.  It has cut down on the propane bill but I like winter.  The yard is full of mud and the dog’s feet need wiped off when they come in or we have muddy foot prints all over the place.  My dog Newton had to have eye surgery and today was his two week checkup and he is going great.  He seems to be able to see better than before and of course he has been spoiled more now than before.

I finished my latest term in school and received two A’s, I found both of the classes interesting, my next term starts on Wednesday at one minute after midnight.

I have been having pains in my left center back up to about where my rib cage would end and in my front just left of the center at the point of my lowest ribs.  I went to the ER and they did a CT but didn’t find anything except a slightly inflamed gallbladder and elevated liver functions.  The doctor said that if the pain had been radiating to my right side he would think that was the problem.  I am not going to go back to the ER for the pain although my wife wants to take me back.


North Korea’s chunky leader is leading a nation of starving cannibals, with over 10 thousand reports of cannibalism.  Some are digging up corpses for food and killing their children to provide a few meals to battle starvation after a drought hit farms and shortages were compounded by party officials confiscating food.  Undercover reporters  told the Sunday Times that one man dug up his grandchild’s corpse and ate it. Another, boiled his own child for food.  In May a man who killed his own two children and tried to eat them was executed by a firing squad.


The Catholic Church which believes that life begins at conscription and pushes their views and beliefs on women all over the country when it comes to reproduction  lends it’s name to the St Thomas More Hospital controlled by the Sisters of Charity Health Services of Colorado and PorterCare Adventist Health System under the  nonprofit, statewide-integrated health care delivery system Centura Health is arguing that life doesn’t begin at conception, when it comes to a wrongful death suit in Colorado.

But if you are drunk and you have an accident and a mother and unborn child are killed you can be charged for killing two people.


Total casualties as confirmed by U.S. Central Command:6631

Deaths by Conflict:
Operation Enduring Freedom :2161
Operation Iraqi Freedom :4403
Operation New Dawn :67

38 year old Army Sgt. Mark H. Schoonhoven



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