Workers Of The World Unite! Happy May Day

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Its May 1st  2013 and we are expecting snow, maybe 4 inches of snow after 2 inches of rain which is coming down in buckets right now with thunder.  We have not planted anything outside except potatoes which won’t be affected by the weather.

The other day I saw a opossum walking along the other side of our fence.  As I watched it I trying to squeeze through our fence between two planks in the gate.  She looked very very pregnant, and she wasn’t the least bit afraid as I banged on the window and the dogs barked at it, she just kept right walking right under our sun room.     I don’t want to block the way under there unless I know for sure that she is gone.  I really don’t want a opossum to die and rot under there.

I am still waiting to have my gallbladder removed.  My insurance company hasn’t approved my referral to even meet the surgeon.  I have had some pain the past few days but today it has been bad, sever sharp stabbing pain.  If it gets too bad I may ask my wife to take me in.


I watched this video the other day and thought it was really funny.


“Workers of the world unite” is the rallying cry of Marxist revolutionaries. It is found in the The Communist Manifesto (1848), by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Communism, which probably would have worked better in a more industrialized modern country than it worked in pre-industrialization Russia.  One of the problems with Communism and workers unions is that once the Communists are in power one of the first things they do is disband and outlaw the unions and established a leadership class in the classless society.


Total casualties as confirmed by U.S. Central Command:6661

Deaths by Conflict:
Operation Enduring Freedom :2191
Operation Iraqi Freedom :4403
Operation New Dawn :67

28 year old Air Force Capt. Brandon L. Cyr

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