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Well it has been about a week since my surgery, I am feeling pretty good but still tire out quick. I was able to sleep on my right side last night, which was nice.

I did get a lot of stuff over the past week, my wife got her herb garden in and the floor in the sun room painted.

Tomorrow I start back at work and school.  I was lucky that my surgery happened on my week off between terms.  I didn’t have t worry about school work while dealing with pain.


I came across this video on YouTube a while back and really had nothing to post today so other than giving my mom an update on my life I figured I would add this:




Total casualties as confirmed by U.S. Central Command:6693

Deaths by Conflict:
Operation Enduring Freedom :2223
Operation Iraqi Freedom :4403
Operation New Dawn :67

21 year old Army Pfc. Cody J. Towse

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